Small Business Reporting and Analysis

Every business is unique and has different needs, but we strongly believe that all can benefit from a continuous approach to reporting and analysis. That is why in addition to traditional consulting engagements, we offer subscription services.

We'll begin with an initial conversation where we discuss your business needs and goals. Each month, you'll receive a dashboard report based on your financial statements, along with a narrative analysis. Depending on your budget and needs, we'll meet twice a year or once a quarter to review progress and update goals. We're as comfortable in a board room as we are in a one-on-one - the setting is up to you.

Our Basic Dashboard includes visualized metrics including:

  • Sales
  • Profit Margin
  • Expenses with Variance from Average
  • Net Margin
  • Current Ratio 
  • Debt Ratio

Our Custom Dashboards include additional metrics right for your needs and goals, such as:

  • Payroll to Sales Ratio
  • Sales Volume
  • Margin by Unit

How it works:

  • We'll meet and discuss the overview of the business and your specific goals.
  • We'll determine the best way to collect data on a monthly basis - either by direct connection to QuickBooks Online (preferred) or emailing financial statements (.xls or .csv).
  • If we're doing custom metrics, we'll work together to determine the best way to collect required data.
  • We'll schedule our follow up reviews and you'll begin receiving your monthly reports. 

Good reporting requires good data! If you're struggling with bookkeeping, our Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor Services can help you sort out "messy books" and get efficient and consistent procedures in place to keep your books clean.


Subscription Plans

Basic: Starting at $99/month

At the the Basic level, you receive:

  • An initial goal-setting conversation.
  • Monthly basic dashboard reports.
  • Biannual strategy and performance reviews.

Custom metrics can be added to the Basic for $30/mo each.


Enhanced: Starting at $249/month

At the Enhanced level, you receive:

  • An initial goal-setting conversation with performance metrics analysis.
  • Monthly custom dashboard reports.
  • Monthly narrative summary of financial statements.
  • Quarterly strategy and performance reviews.

Monthly pricing will be determined after an initial conversation. If your business needs are more advanced, we'll create a custom solution for you.


Consulting Projects

Wherever your business is in its lifecycle, Profitize Us is available to engage in a variety of "MBA-for-hire" projects. We're also a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor ready to help you make your bookkeeping easier and more accurate - the foundation for great reporting.

Learn about our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Services.

Our subscription clients may choose to engage with us on an individual project basis as needs arise. You might need help setting up your first budget, or want us to do an analysis on true production costs. Or maybe you're a business owner looking to pass more operations on to your staff, and need to develop standardized procedures. 

Business and Financial Analysis

  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Cost Analysis
  • Growth Opportunity Analysis with Cash Flows
  • Budget development
  • Procedure Optimization and Documentation